This Startup Will Make You Feel Proud As an Indian

India is an emerging market for various industries and especially tech industry. We hear about various tech start-ups every single day and surprisingly most of them die in the first year itself.

According to Business Insider, 90% of Indian start-ups fail in the early stages. Out of every 100 start-ups, 90 failed in 2016 itself. Most of the start-ups try to cater the millennial or the industries which are booming (e.g. – e-commerce). Very few start-ups think about the problems that our country is facing.

Graviky Labs is different, they thought about one of the biggest problems that the world is facing and did something amazing to solve it. As we know, India is the 2nd most polluted country in the world. So, the founders of Graviky Labs invented a technology named KAALINK, a device which will produce something good out of this pollution.

This device will create “Ink” from the smoke coming out of your vehicle and it is called AIR-INK. Yes, you read it right, you can now create ink from the fumes coming out of your car. That will surely decrease the guilty that you feel while driving your diesel/petrol vehicle because you know that you are also a contributor to the air pollution. But now, you can create something good and useful out of it.

airink team

The team at Graviky Labs is led by Anirudh (Co-founder) who is a graduate from MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts USA. Nikhil Kaushik & Nitesh Kadyan are also the Co-founders at Graviky Labs with Nisheeth Singh leading the technical development.

This startup team of Indian youngsters spent 3 years in perfecting the processes involved in Air-ink.

As many other start-ups this product evolved while creating something different for a completely different purpose. At MIT media lab these students created a handheld printer and demonstrated it at several conferences. After getting a good response from artists & environmentalists around the globe, they thought about working on a product that can create something good out of the pollution.

They started testing their prototypes in two majorly polluted cities of India. You guessed it right, those cities were Delhi & Bangalore. Moving forward, they worked around garages and cars around the cities just to capture air pollution. They captured the pollution before it is released by putting the instrument on the exhaust pipe.

Soon they realized that it can make a real impact on the whole world.

After collecting the air pollution they implemented various processes to remove the heavy metals from the pollution. The final result was a purified carbon-rich pigment.

This carbon rich pigment is then further purified.

At the end, this carbon goes from standard industrial processes to create a safe ink.

This ink is not that old standard pot ink which we used in our childhoods. It is perfectly created in several grades which can be used for different applications. It is available in round tip markers, paints, chisel tip markers and even screen printing inks. These markers are water resistant, refillable and reusable as well. So, the more you paint, draw or mark, the more pollution disappears.

air ink productsAirInk is currently available as 2mm, 15mm, 30mm and 50mm markers. This will not be it. According to the founders, if this turns to be a success then they are planning to create oil based paints, outdoor paints, fabric paints and more in the near future.

Interesting Fact – Just 30ml of Air-Ink restricts 45mins worth of pollution. Till now, 1.6 trillion liters of Air is cleaned with the help of AirInk.

This company launched Kickstarter project in February 2017 to deliver AIR INK to early adopters (we can call them beta testers).

The artists from around the globe are using AIR-INK from more than 6 months without any issues. An artist Kristopher Ho, from Hong Kong created this painting with Airink.

The project on Kickstarter ended in March 2017. They reached their goal of $14,000 on 18 Feb 2017 itself. As per the current stats, they got 688 Backers and $41,076 pledged for Airink to make it a success and help them reach the masses.

At the moment, the team at Graviky is planning to start pollution capture in Europe with the funding they received.

As Indians, many of us are worried about the Air Pollution which we know is bad for the coming generations. Supporting this startup product by replacing our day to day markers can make a lot of difference. And the artists, they can contribute way more for the greener & cleaner environment by switching to Airink. Don’t forget to share this with your artist friends or someone who might be interested in contributing to this project.

Graviky lab is located in Bangalore with their registered office in Singapore. Get in touch with Graviky – and be the early customers of their upcoming products.

Airink made it easy for us to do our part for the cleaner air. Are you going to do this much? What do you think about this startup? Let us know in the comment section below.

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