Do Not Get Reliance Jio before Reading This Post

Are you also among the ones who can’t wait to get his/her hands on the Reliance jio? This post will tell you about the true facts and figures of reliance jio, a quick review of reliance jio, jiofi and about the services which are being offered by them. I promise you that you will be able to make the right choice by the end of this post.

My name is Aarav and I will share with you the honest review of Reliance jio. Before you think that how can I call my review honest, then I would like to say that I added all the proofs in this post. I was also as excited, as you are to get my hands on Reliance jio, so I rushed to the nearest Reliance Digital Store and opted for the Jiofi Device, so that I can use the Internet on all the devices. As you all know, the cost was 2,999 rupees, which is now 1,999, and we get 3 months of free Internet with the same as per the preview offer.

I started using Jiofi with my mobile, desktop and macbook all at once. To be honest, every website opened pretty quick and videos on youtube loaded faster than ever. Within few hours I noticed a bit of lag in website loading and audio streaming, I thought it happened due to network congestion. But, there were a lot of other surprises waiting for me and I am listing all of them below.

How Reliance Jio Can Surprise Shock You

  1. I found that Internet speed on varied from 0.24mbps to 1.20mbps. Not just during day time it happened during the night as well. I was hoping that there would be fewer problems at night, but the situation never changed.
  2. Regular disconnection at night. Every night reliance jio’s network goes down at least once or twice. Then you have to restart your device to get the Internet working again.
  3. Only google websites load faster and all other websites load very slow most of the time. I found some websites, which keeps on loading for 10-15 minutes. NOTE: It happened on fresh browsers and on different devices.
  4. Only youtube videos load fast, if you try to load videos on other popular websites like Vimeo or Dailymotion, you will have to wait for ages to load every single video.
  5. Reliance jio’s 4G downloading speed is not even equal to 2G speed. Just try to download anything from any website other than google’s websites and you will feel that you are in the stone age of Internet speed. I am adding those proofs below.

Now, it’s time for the proofs which you all might be waiting for. Before I add the proofs, I would like to say that I worked for many international clients as a freelancer, I am a web developer and a tech savvy person. I took every possible measure to keep every proof completely original. Without further ado, let me present my proofs below –





As you can see in the images above, these speedtest results have been conducted recently and you will be shocked to know that reliance jio never went above these speeds in my speed tests. I did them on random times each and every day/night. Not just that, my friend did these tests on his devices and he has also used a different jio device. Even after that he is getting exactly the same results. This proves that the problem is not only with my device or my machines (desktop, mackbook, mobile).

Moreover, all these tests are conducted in a radius of 4-5 kilometers, so there is no chance of an excuse that we have a signal problem in our area.

Now, you guys must be thinking that why I didn’t log a complaint with Reliance Jio. Yes, I did and as expected there were more shocking surprises waiting for me. I will share all of them below –

Day 1 at the Reliance Digital Store – I went there and asked them the reason behind the lowest downloading speed that I was getting. They said that there is a network problem and it will be resolved within 24 hours. I knew that there is no problem, so I simply told them that I will request a refund if the problem is not solved after 24 hours. They said, no problem (it’s there in the audio recording).

Day 2 at the Reliance Digital Store – As expected, I reached there because nothing was resolved. Now, they said that we have to go to the Reliance technical center, which is not too far from the Reliance Digital Store. We went there and the manager told us that they couldn’t file this complaint as they have no clue about this and we should go back to the digital store where we purchased the device.We asked for technical help and they simply said that networking team is not available. We asked the availability timings of networking team and they said that they don’t have any clue. Behavior was quite rude.

Day 3 at the Reliance Digital Store – We asked for help as the technical center refused to attend us. They said that they will create a DO for the device and the technical person in their service center will check the device and if he declares the device as defective, we will get the refund.

We went to the service center with the device, although we knew that the device is not defective and that’s what happened. The technician said that the device is working fine. He introduced us to the networking team and they checked the network by connecting their devices with my hotspot device. And, they were also clueless behind the reason of slow downloading speed.

After trying their stupid excuses for almost an hour, one of the network engineers told us about their 4G services. The entire audio recording is below and I am sure that you will be shocked after listening to this recording.

Recording 1 –

Recording 2 –


So guys, think about it, everything is right in front of your eyes and these are the real proofs and real words of reliance jio’s engineers and managers. They are simply saying that their 4G services are for streaming only, not for downloading or even audio streaming purpose.

Do you remember the 500 rupees reliance phones which were launched about 14-15 years back and how it went down pretty soon? That is happening again in India, just like the 500 rupees phone, Reliance jio is trying to make fool of innocent Indian customers.

I request you to share this post with everyone you know. I am not requesting this to get traffic or clickbate, I am requesting this to make everyone around you aware because everyone is not technically sound and once they are in this trap of Reliance Jio, they will not be able to get out of this. For the sake of those non-techy people and the loved ones around you, spread the word as much as you can, it will save someone’s hard earned money.

I will keep updating this post because I am trying to get my refund from Reliance Jio as soon as possible.

Please don’t forget to drop your comments below sharing your experience with reliance jio.

  1. yh phle dekha hota th 2k bch jaate
    3 din phle lia hai kbps mein speed de rha hai

  2. You’re right. Jio (Reliance) and Mr. Ambani has made a fool of us again and in return he has made crores of rupees by selling this stupid device (JioFi) which do not connect to the internet even in the early hours of morning. Their customer care gives stupid answers. This can happen only in India. A common cause should be formed and Mr Ambani should be dragged to the court for fooling and conning us. Do not buy this device and never go for Jio Sim as well. There are many other good options.

    • Hey Chanchal,

      You are right and I understand your frustration right now. Which jiofi device you are using? Is it jiofi 2 or 3?

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