Redmi Note 4 Explosion Video is Fake As Per A Statement by Xiaomi India

There are solid proofs that the Xiaomi note 4 explosion video is a fake

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 explosion video was getting viral from last few days and people were actually believing on that incident. In the video, a person visits a store in Bangalore and Redmi 4 explodes during the sim change. All of this was captured in live CCTV footage.

Now, this video went viral around the whatsapp groups, communities and even on some of the popular Youtube Channels. Everyone jumped on the hot topic content and thought about creating a viral post without even caring about the authenticity of the video. A lot of noise was created everywhere that the Xiaomi devices can also explode like samsung.

Now today, Xiaomi came out with a statement to all of its existing and upcoming customers about this viral video. On their official facebook page, they clearly stated that they have solid proofs that the video is not related to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Also, the phone which is exploded in the video is not Redmi note 4 or any redmi device.

Further, they added some major points in the statement proving the video completely fake –

  1. The customer name Arjun who logged a complaint about Redmi Note 4 burn during usage purchased it from Poorvika store Bangalore. But, in the video, the store is completely different, it’s a retail shop of Kerala.
  2. The CCTV footage in the explosion video is of different date than from the purchase of Arjun’s device. Hence, it can not be the same device.
  3. The customer Arjun, confirmed that he is nowhere in that video and the people in the video does not include anyone from his family or relatives.
redmi note 4 statement by xiaomiYou can read the full statement here

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Not just Xiaomi, we as smartphone users should verify these kinds of incidents before supporting them or making them viral. We are all somewhere responsible for making a fake news viral. From the Team of Wise, we urge you all to simply avoid or wait for some kind of confirmation on these type of posts. Not just about Xiaomi, it is for every brand, person or any kind of incident.

So now it’s clear that Redmi Note 4 is safe for your day to day usage, you can grab one whenever you like.

NOTE: This article is not meant to promote any Redmi device in any way. We are just putting the right update for our readers.


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Redmi Note 4 Explosion Video is Fake As Per A Statement by Xiaomi India

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