List of 10 Unique Rakhi Gifts for Sisters & Brothers

There are many festivals which we celebrate in India throughout the year. But, the unique festival which we celebrate for the love of brother and sister is Rakhi or as knows as Raksha Bandhan. Being a loving brother or sister, you wait for this festival every year and try to find a unique rakhi gift for your sister or brother.

As a brother myself, I also try to find a unique gift for my sister every year. I am not the only one who searches for a perfect gift, my sister also picks the most suitable gift for me every year. After doing this for years, I relaized that it is not easy for any of us and all of us face a difficulty while searching or selecting rakhi gifts for our sisters or brothers.

Every human being has different hobbies, different likes and different taste in their life. Finding the perfect gift for your loving sister or brother according to his/her taste is always full of confusion.

So, this year I was thinking that it will be great if I can share the gift ideas for the upcoming Rakhi festival. That’s why, I took a journey back to my memories, researched and discussed with my friends. And, we created a list of handpicked rakhi gifts for sisters and brothers which will be suitable for different age groups and interests.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list of our gift ideas –

Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

Have you ever searched a gift for a girl? If yes, then you definitely understand how difficult it is to find a right one because it’s not just another gift for them, they get emotionally attached to these small but special moments. So, let’s find out a special rakhi gift for your sister –

1. A Cute Pillow or Cushion

This could be one of the most unusual rakhi gift for your sister and it is suitable for every age group (only if your sister is not married). You can select the shape and size of the pillow as per the likes and age of your sister. You can make it even more special by getting it customized with a custom pillow/cushion cover. There are various shapes available in the gift shops and on the websites like Amazon and chumbak online store. We are listing some of the options we like below –

NOTE: There are no affiliate links below, we are not trying to earn from any of the product links.

Panda Pillow –
Monster Cushion –

 2. Mobile Power Bank

I understand that this is a kind of gadget gift. But, this is not an ordinary one. We all care about our sisters and we freak out if their mobile goes off due to low battery (which is common with iPhone). So, this gift is going to express your love along with the care for your sister. This is one of the most practical rakhi gifts you can give to your sister.

Make sure that you select the right battery bank. Ignore the bulky power banks and pick the most portable one as your sister may need to carry that in her handbag. Also, I recommend that you select from the renowned brands like – PNY, Intex, and Lenovo etc. Do not go for cheaper options. I am listing some of the best ones below –

Pny –


Lenovo –


3. Trendy Mobile Case

This once is again a bit techy, but we all know that many girls like to use trendy mobile cases. If your sister is using an iPhone then you have ample of options available in the market. For the popular Samsung devices, you will get great options in the local store itself. For the other devices, you can search online and in your local store.

I do not recommend buying this gift online because the shape and design may differ from the images. Also, in the local store, you will be sure about the quality and durability of the case. Another advantage is that you can exchange it for a different one or a better one in any case.

Tip – Give a try to the mobile cases with crystal elements because girls love those shiny crystal elements. This options may differ from person to person, but do give it a try.

4. Local Salon Membership

Who doesn’t like to look good? Every girl on this planet do her best to look better than she is now. And, I am quite sure that this could be one of the most memorable rakhi gift for your sister. The option is plain and simple. Head to the nearest popular salon or spa and ask for the packages available. Most of the spas and salons offer quarterly, half-yearly and yearly packages. You can choose the perfect one as per your budget.

rakhi gifts for sisters

Tip – If you want to make sure that it will suit your sister then you can bring her along while selecting the membership. I am not being a spoiler here, but it’s better to choose the right option beforehand because after all it’s about choosing a salon for a girl 🙂

5. Shopping Gift Card

This rakhi gift option is for those who are out of other options because they already gifted most of the items in earlier years of rakhi celebration. This gift will prevent you from the wrong gift guilty. You have a couple of options available for this rakhi gift.


  • You can go online and buy amazon gift card, flipkart gift card or the website from where you sister shops the most (try asking her smartly).
  • Go to the local archies store and buy a gift card as per your budget. If there is no archies store nearby, you can ask from the popular gift shop in your town. They might have gift card options available for you.

Rakhi Gifts for Brothers

Just like your brother gets you the best rakhi present he can every year, being a loving sister you should also give him a return gift to make your Rakhi moments even more special. We have listed some of the cool and unique gift options that you can buy online or from the local stores in your area.

1. Wireless Headphones

This is not just a gadget gift for your tech-loving brother. This gift is for those who like music and gadgets altogether. And, we all know that there are only handful of guys around us who either don’t like music or don’t like gadgets. Every guy loves music and gadgets.

Wireless headphones are in the trend and you can find them in a good budget range online and offline (local gadget store). We are listing some of the best options below –

Philips Headphone – Amazon

Tagg Headphones – Amazon

2. Special Keychain or Bagtag

Every guy loves his ride. It doesn’t matter if he drives a car or ride a bike, he need to carry a key chain very now and then. Find a customized key chain in your nearest store or you can check the options online. Some stores like Chumbak and Emerge offer ample of customized keychain and bagtag options.

We have found couple of cool tags –

Brother Keychain – Chumbak

Bag Tag from Happilyunmarried

3. A Beer Mug

This gift option is not for everyone because usually every brother hides his drinking habit and many guys do not drink at all, which is great. With this gift, you are not encouraging your brother to drink alcohol, you are just helping him to keep his love limited to the beer… Haha, jokes apart, we are just trying to make you feel better about this option because hey, we all know that which drink is more harmful.

Moreover, if you can find a customized mug which says something which is funny, it will surely make him laugh every time he drinks in that mug again. You can find a suitable option on Happilyunmarried Online Store.

Beer Mug from Happilyunmarried
Beer Mug from Happilyunmarried


Warning – If your brother is already married, then ask his wife first 🙂

4. A Cool Wallet

Is your brother is still carrying that torn apart wallet? Find him a cool wallet from your nearest fashion store. We recommend you to opt for a brand like woodland or tommy. You can find good deals on these brands because these accessories are not among the high selling items on the store. Once again, we do not recommend buying online because color, design, and material may differ.

Another option could be a Money Clip wallet which is durable, water proof and lasts really long. Below are the options –

Levis Wallet –
Card Holder –

5. Gym Membership

If your brother is a gym or fitness freak, then this could be the most adorable rakhi gift for him. It could be possible that your brother is hitting a gym which is not that good but affordable for him as per his earnings or pocket-money. You can search for a better gym in your city and gift him the membership of that gym. Every gym has monthly, quarterly or yearly membership plans available.


To make sure that you are selecting the right option for him, you can bring him along and let him choose the gym he wants to join. This is not about spoiling your surprise gift. This is about giving him the best rakhi gift which will make him happy and bring him good health.

So, these are the unique gift options which we have shortlisted for the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan. We hope that you have found at-least one memorable rakhi gift for your loving sister or brother. We wish you Happy Raksha Bandhan in advance.

If you like this post, share it with your friends and family to help them find a perfect gift for their loved ones. Don’t forget to drop your comments below and let us know what you think about these rakhi gift ideas.

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List of 10 Unique Rakhi Gifts for Sisters & Brothers

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