Reliance announced FREE Jio Phone with 4G LTE with Affordable Plans

Jio Phone is an another revolutionary step taken by Reliance Jio today. Mukesh Ambani announced a feature rich 4G phone with the name of “Jio Phone” at the Reliance AGM today. He said that pricing will shock everyone and it actually did because the phone will be completely FREE for jio users. That’s not all, there are a lot of advantages and features which are announced along with the phone like Jio Phone TV cable.

That’s not all, there are a lot of advantages and features which are announced along with the phone like Jio Phone TV cable and sachet packs for jio users.

What is Jio Phone and what are the features?

jio phoneJio Phone is a 4G smartphone with features like 4G LTE & Advance NFC. It is a compact phone which looks strong and sturdy. It is designed for rough usage as it will be reaching every small town & village of the country. It comes with the smart feature of voice commands just like google now. Akash & Isha Ambani provided demos of voice commands by calling to contacts, playing videos and more.

  1. Display – 2.4 inch QVGA Display
  2. Connectivity – 4G LTE and NFC
  3. Memory – SD card slot available for memory expansion
  4. Navigation – 4-way navigation available
  5. Design – Compact phone
  6. Keypad – No touch keyboard. Only alphanumeric keyboard
  7. Headphone – 3.5 mm headphone jack
  8. Language Support – 22 languages supported
  9. Price – FREE of cost with just 1500 rupees of refundable security deposit
  10. Availability – Pre-booking starts 24th August & available from September

That’s not all. You will get Jio Dhan Dhana offer with this device at a nominal price of Rs.153 a month and the calling will always be FREE with Jio Phone. Reliance also announced Jio phone TV cable for the phone which will cost only 309 rupees a month. You can connect your Jio Phone to your tv and enjoy cable tv channels.

NOTE: The security deposit for Jio Phone will be refunded after 3 years when you return the phone.

Jio has also announced sachet packs for those who are not willing to do the full recharges for the phone. For 2 days of services you need to pay only 24 rupees and for one week you just need to pay 54 rupees.

Regarding Jio Phone’s availability, you need not worry as Jio will give 50 Lakhs phone every week which should be more than enough to meet the needs of Indian customers.

Let us know what you think about this phone and if you are planning to buy one as soon as it comes to the stores.

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  1. Pre-Booking will start from 24 August not from 24 September, rectify it soon.

  2. Really good information’s that covers all phone features, prices, descriptions.

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