Instagram Live – An Exciting New Feature Added in Instagram

Instagram just rolled out it’s one of the biggest feature by the name of Instagram Live. Just like Facebook live, you can now post live streaming with Instagram Live Video. After the acquisition by Facebook, instagram is growing its list of features and constantly adding them to the app every month.

On Monday, Instagram announced live-streaming feature for its users around the world. As per the update, initially it will be available to the U.S user base and in the coming weeks, it will be rolled out to the users in other countries. It’s worth noticing that this feature is coming in the festival month and users would love to go live with the events on Christmas and New Year eve.

To check if it is available for your Instagram app, first make sure if your app is updated to the latest available version. Then, go to the “Stories” camera section in the app and check if there is an option with the term “live”. If not, then you have to wait for the update from Instagram, or try the method, which we shared below in the post.

If you have used Facebook and Periscope before, then you will find “Instagram Live” quite similar because here also viewers can add hearts as likes and add their comments absolutely live. Another similarity to notice is that the Live video will disappear as soon as the streaming ends. This is quite similar to the snapchat’s disappearing feature.

When a user you follow goes live, it will be shown in the “Stories” section of the app with a small icon of “Live” over the profile image. And, if you have enabled post notifications for a user, then you will be notified when that user goes live on instagram.

Just like you, explore images, you will find Live videos in the explore section as well. You will see videos in the explore section based on an algorithm, just like they do with the images.

instagram live video

We tried using it in India, but for now, it is not available even when you are a beta tester for the app. But yes, we were able to watch some interesting live videos, one of them was from Mashable.

mashable instagram live stream

Still, if you are located in India and willing to get your hands on Instagram Live first, then we encourage you to become a beta tester for the app. You can do this by opening the app in Play Store and navigating to the end of the app page where you can find an option, which says, “Become a beta tester”.

Click on “I am in” and it will ask you to wait for a few minutes and once you are a beta tester, it will provide you an update. Hopefully, you will be able to get your hands on this feature before your friends do.

We believe that this is the biggest change in the Instagram app after “Stories” feature. As the whole world is saying, Facebook is becoming desperate day by day to compete with Snapchat in every possible way.

Do let us know if you are able to access this feature before your friends in a country other than USA. Also, what do you think about Instagram live?

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