Booking Uber ride for someone without a Smartphone? It is now possible

The most awaited feature to book an Uber ride in India

In India, booking Uber ride for yourself is just as easy as it is in other countries. But, when it comes to booking Uber for someone else and especially those without a smartphone, is a headache. That is because even when you book a ride for someone else, you have to do the communication with the driver from the beginning to the end.

But now, Uber is rolling out a feature that will add “Who will be riding?” option which will allow you to add the person with his/her name or number. In this way, you will put the driver in direct contact with the person who is riding. Hence, eliminating all the communication headache.

This feature is announced by Uber on Tuesday and rolling out all around the world in coming few days.

booking uber ride for anyone

Another best part is that you don’t even have to share the ride details with the rider, not even with those who are not carrying a Smartphone. Because Uber will send the details of the vehicle (make & model) along with the number plate and driver’s contact number.

We believe that this will be extremely helpful in India because even after “Digital India” campaign our parents are not really interested in carrying a smartphone. This new feature will allow anyone to book a ride for his/her parents, grandparents or for anyone who is not carrying a smartphone.

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Uber is making the ride booking process easier day by day. This feature was long awaited especially in India because a large part of Indian society is still using old phones with no smart feature in them. Not just that, it will help you in booking Uber ride for someone who is either badly drunk, badly ill or badly broke.

Check your app now to find out if this feature is showing up or not. If not, then don’t forget to update your app because Uber is rolling out this feature in 30 countries as announced on their blog. Also, don’t forget to share the importance of this feature in your life in the comment section below, we would love to hear it.

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Booking Uber ride for someone without a Smartphone? It is now possible

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