List of Best & FREE Tools to Start Selling on Instagram in 2017

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform all over the world. After the acquisition by Facebook, the popularity of Instagram has increased like never before. In June 2016 Instagram has beaten twitter and became the most preferred platform to run advertising campaigns and selling on Instagram. In December 2016 it crossed 60 million active users.

Whether you are a power user, marketing expert or a seller on Instagram, we have created a list of the best tools for Instagram to level up your Instagram selling and profile exposure. These tools and apps will not only help you start selling on Instagram but also help you increase your sales on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Instagram or a daily user we have something for everyone in this list.

1. Camera Apps for Perfect Product Images

Most of us use our standard inbuilt camera app for Instagram. But, every standard app does not have the required options and tools to make that click perfect for the Instagram post. The Instagram images can be divided into 2 main categories, one is a selfie image and the other is a product click (For sellers & marketers).

Top Android & iPhone Camera Apps for Perfect Product Images
  • VSCO –It’s a FREE app available both on iPhone & Android. It lets you shoot and edit your images with superior presets and advanced camera controls.
    vsco camera app

    Image Source:

    It enables you to capture Full Raw image, which you can later edit to an advanced level. There is an inbuilt community, which will connect you with many creative photographers and inspire you on the way.

    Android App Store

  • Pro Camera (iPhone only) – Ever wished for DSLR capabilities on your iPhone? Well, this app brings the DSLR features to your iPhone with a highly intuitive interface for beginners. You can control exposure time, ISO sensitivity, white balance, and a lot more when needed.
    iPhone pro camera app

    Image Source: ProCamera

    It’s not a free app, but we promise that its price is completely justified.

App Store

  • After Focus (Android only) – Just like the above app for iPhone users, this app brings DSLR features to your Android Phone. With After Focus you can select the product and the area around your product more precisely and the rest of the area will be blurred in a natural and more realistic way.
    afterfocus app for android

    Image Source: AfterFocus

    It can select products with complex shapes as well. It’s a free app and backed with more than 1 million installs. A pro version of this app is also available. The pro version provides some more features and controls to its users.


  • Text Camera (iPhone only) –It’s an amazing app with unique real-time features. As the name suggests, you can add text to your image even before capturing it. No need to use a separate editing app to add text, details, filters etc. Just do it all within one app and post it to Instagram right away.
    iPhone text camera

    Image Source:

    It also has built in features like Instagram Tag for Likes, Instasize function, Real time drawings and a lot more. Basically, it will help you post your products in a flash, saving lots of your time. It’s a FREE app and coming soon to Google Play Store and Windows.

App Store

2. Lighting Arrangement for Product Images

Either you want to start selling on Instagram or you want to increase your sales on Instagram, the perfect lighting arrangement is a must. It is so important that it can make or break your customer’s interest.

You can take some perfect shots with natural light that comes through your window (if it is open and big enough). Alternatively, you can take some images outside in your lawn, balcony or any other open area available.

But, a window or open area is not available all the time. Especially if you are living in an apartment, then it is more difficult to find enough natural light (in most cases). So, the solution to this problem is a Light Box.

You can make it yourself with some basic stuff available at your home and at the nearest stationary shop. Or, if your pocket allows, then you can get the box online from the link below:

Cubical White Light Tent – From ₹945 (Cheapest & Best Available on Amazon)

Instagram Live – An Exciting New Feature Added in Instagram

3. Best Apps for Image Editing

No matter how good your phone camera is, there is always something missing in that default click. You can accomplish a lot more than a basic HDR shot by using a couple of image editing apps. You need not be a graphic designer to level up your image editing with your phone. Once you start using these apps, you will be amazed to see that how much you can improve an image with just a few clicks or swipes and take it to another level.

  • Snapseed – This is an extremely powerful app, which is perfect for a daily user and as well as for a product seller. This app is so simple that it completely converts your image with a few swipes. It even has some pro features and incredible filters built in.
    snapseed for android

    Image Source: Google Inc

    Recently they added face detection and text adding features, which makes it perfect for Instagram images. It is available for both Android & iOS.

Android App Store

  • Ripl App – This is the only app, which we found to be the best one for Custom Animated Posts. It has unique features with Custom post designs, animated collages, slideshows, and lot more. You can even create animated video posts with ease.
    ripl image editing app

    Image Source:

    It was first launched for the iPhone only, but now it is also available on Android. You can use it to post on other social media platforms as well, which makes it even cooler.

 Android App Store

  • Fonteee – This app is particularly for quote lovers and creative writers. It has smartly build features of Photo Typography, Typography on Background, Inbuilt quotes, Downloadable quotes, Downloadable stickers and lots more.
    image font app

    Image Source: Fonteee

    And all this, completely Free of cost. Also, it has a huge list of Fonts to choose from.


4. FREE Tools to Decorate Your Instagram Profile

Ever wondered how that Instagram user has centered his/her profile intro or post description? Or maybe that decorative text which catches your attention right away? The good news is that it’s easy to do. Decorating your Instagram is as essential as sprinkling that special seasoning over your favorite pizza. Moreover, it’s always good to stand out in the crowd.

If you want to start selling on Instagram, a default profile setup is not recommended.

selling on instagram

We are listing some simple methods and tools, which will help you, decorate your Instagram profile.

  • Center Your Bio & Post Content – Not many users do this because they think it is some kind of hack or may be difficult to do. This can be done with simple copy-paste technique. You can do this via your mobile or through a desktop. Just visit Tagsforlikes and follow the simple and clear instructions available there.
  • Using Fonts in Your Bio & Post Content – Just like we use different fonts in a document to highlight something, we can do this in an Instagram profile as well. And yes, this one is also super easy. You can do this either on your phone or directly from a PC or laptop. Just follow the simple steps below-
  1. If you are on an iPhone, download Sprezz app which gives you the option of choosing over 50 Fonts that you can use for Instagram, Facebook or any other app you like. Alternatively, if you just want to use fonts without installing the keyboard app, then follow the step below.
  2. If you are on Android, then just go to and type in the words you want and it will convert them into amazing fonts. Copy the converted text and paste it into the Instagram bio, post content or anywhere else you like. Follow the same process if you are on a PC or laptop.

Both the tools are from one creator – ZiggyMo and these are loved by more than a million users.

5. Best & FREE Tools for Instagram Analytics

Most of the Instagram users and sellers ignore the essential analytics because either they don’t know about it or they don’t think it is important. But, just like other platforms, it is extremely important. It will give you essential data with which you can improve your short term and long term strategies to increase your sales on Instagram and profile exposure.

  • Ink361 – It is a very powerful tool which provides you actionable Instagram insights with easy to understand interface. It has a unique feature with which you can create custom circles to monitor specific accounts. The Free plan comes with basic audience insights, 3 custom circles and more. With pro account, you can even monitor your competition.
ink361 instagram analytics

Image Source:

  • Simply Measured – This is another best and free tool for Instagram analytics. But, the reason why we kept it on the second spot is because you have to do more than just creating an account with them. The process includes a couple of more steps to get the free report, which is quite hectic for some users. But, these steps are worth doing to get the free report that simply measured offers.
instagram analytics by simply measured

Image Source:

  • Prime for Instagram (iPhone Only) – This is another Free and super powerful app for Instagram users. This app has a unique feature of analyzing the best time for your Instagram posts. It calculates the best time and lets you schedule your Instagram posts on those timings. Not only this, it gives you analytics of your previous scheduled posts and tells you how they performed.
    prime app for instagram

    Image Source:

    The only limitation is that this app is available for iPhone users only. We hope that it comes to android soon.

App Store

  • Instagram Analytics – Instagram launched its inbuilt analytics for business accounts in 2016. It is perfect for those who don’t want to dig deeper into analytics and complex data because it provides insights in a clear and simple manner with some limitations.One limitation with the inbuilt analytics is that it does not provide any data on your older posts. It starts collecting data only after you create or switch to a business account which we think you should do if you want to start selling on Instagram.

analytics by instagram

6. Free Apps to Schedule Instagram Posts

From the day Instagram became popular, maximum users are craving for post scheduling. We can schedule posts for facebook, twitter, google plus etc… with the help of third party apps. But, till date, Instagram does not allow scheduling of posts even through third party apps because it always tries to deliver fresh content to the users.

But, few third party apps made it possible to at least schedule the Instagram posts and ask you to post them on a set time. Not every app is efficient in scheduling the posts, we tried and tested bunch of apps for you and listing the best ones here –

  • Hootsuite – This is by far the best app for scheduling the Instagram posts. We have used this app for years to schedule twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts for our local and international clients. A few months back, they launched scheduling for Instagram and we gave it a try. With Hootsuite, you can schedule your post including hashtags and it will give you a notification on your device at the right time. You can simply edit the content (if required) and post it successfully to Instagram.
    hootsuite app for insta

    Image Source:

    Tip: For Android users, just make sure that Hootsuite can run in the background so that it can give you notifications at the right time.

Android App Sotre

  • Preview – This is an all-in-one app to plan, edit, schedule, and even repost your Instagram posts. You can plan in advance for a week or even for a month. Create a gallery within the app and post whenever you like or schedule them. Not only images, you can schedule videos as well and that’s a huge plus.preview schedule app for instagram
    Unlike other apps, with Preview you will get hashtag suggestions right inside the app. Just the way it happens in the Instagram app.
    It’s a FREE app available on both Google play and App store.

 Apple Store Android

7. Free Tools to Increase & Manage Instagram Followers

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram is the fastest growing social platform in the world. Hence, just like other platforms, the followers play the main role in the growth and exposure of your account. You might be receiving those offers about paid Instagram promotions every other day on your posts, but we recommend you to increase your followers in a legit way only so that you can avoid impacting your profile exposure and the possible Instagram ban in future.

We have tried and tested some apps and tools, which you can use to find right profiles and increase your Instagram followers. We are listing the best ones below-

  • Followers Assistant – This was a less known app, but now making noise in the app store. We started using this app when it was quite new and still using it. You may unfollow as many non-followers as you want, there is no limit in the app. But, you will get decent suggestions to keep your Instagram account safe.Followers Assistant features
    The best part is that you need not to un-follow manually, just input the number of people you want to un-follow and it will do that automatically.It will also show you the list of people who just un-followed your account, to keep your lists neat and clean. Not just that, you can use more than 1 Instagram account. And, all of the above is for FREE.


  • Followers + For Instagram – This is a fairly new Instagram followers app for iPhone, but still trusted by over 50,000 brands. It provides the account analytics, lets you track the follower growth, post engagement and lot more. The Free version lets you do the moderate tasks. To manage your account even deeper and gain Instagram followers, you can opt for the paid version.
    followers plus for iPhone

    Image Source:

    The paid account is worth the investment because it lets you do daily scans and enables you to use it on 3 different accounts.

App Store

  • Auto Hash (Android Only) – This is an innovative app which runs on an algorithm that detects the photo which you are about to share on Instagram and picks the best-related hashtags for that image. We found it pretty cool because most of the tags were relevant and popular as well. It’s a new app, so there will be some irrelevant tags which you can easily remove before you make your post live.
    automatic instagram hashtags

    Image Source: AutoHash

    The best part is that there are no annoying adverts and the interface is clean. Just select the image, edit or add your tags, copy the tags and hit share. It’s that simple…!!


We hope that this list will help you start your Instagram selling with an edge over others. Some of the apps and the tools mentioned in this list are a must for every Instagram store to understand how they are doing at the moment and increase their sales over a certain period of time.

We will keep updating this post as we get the updates on more features coming to Instagram. As per the recent rumors, Instagram is working on a feature which will enable users to click on a particular product image and reach it’s selling page.This is going to be revolutionary in terms of selling on instagram.

To get early updates, don’t forget to like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

Also, feel free to share apps and tools which you use to increase your sales on Instagram in the comment section below. It might help us update this post and eventually help other readers.



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