All about Amazon Prime in India and should you use it?


Amazon India, the rising e-commerce giant has launched its Amazon Prime service on July 26, 2016 in India. So, what this “Amazon Prime” really is? What kind of benefits you will be getting from this service and who should be using prime membership? We will answer all these questions today.

What is Amazon Prime?

It’s a paid membership program which is already available in countries like US, UK, Canada and lot more. With amazon prime you will get exclusive access to various amazon services such as early access to amazon lightening deals, fast delivery, free shipping etc.

In other countries there are many other services under Amazon prime, Like – Prime Video, Music Steaming, Amazon Drive and lot more. But, in India, they are starting with Amazon Prime and upcoming Amazon Video services.

To be a member you just need to go to this link and click on “Start your 60 day trial” and pay 499 rupees for 1 year subscription. This price is an introductory price, the actual price is 999 rupees. This membership is available on yearly and monthly basis. If you feel that paying for a complete year is too much in the beginning, just pay on monthly basis and cancel the subscription whenever you like. In other countries, people get 30 days of trial, here in India you will get 60 days trial. So, why wait? Give it a shot.

Benefits of Using Amazon Prime

  1. Fast & Free Delivery – Gone are the days when you have to wait for weeks to receive your product. With Amazon prime, you will get the delivery in just 2 days on eligible items. For more information, visit – Prime Shipping Details
  2. Same Day Delivery – To sweeten the experience even more. If you are in metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai etc… Then you might receive your order on the same day and that is also on discounted shipping price. For more info, visit – Prime Same Day Delivery Cities.
  3. Early access to the deals by Amazon – As a prime customer you will receive early access to the deals like blockbuster deals, lightning deals, deal of the day etc. All prime customers will be able to see the deals 30 minutes earlier than the other customers on amazon. After 30 minutes, all the deals will be available to other customers as well. Get details here.
  4. FREE delivery on any order value – As a prime customer, you need not pay any shipping for any of your order. Even if you purchase a 50 rupee product from amazon, it will be delivered to your doorstep for FREE. A non-prime customer has to pay the shipping fee on any order which is below 500 rupees. Click here to check the terms.
  5. Access to Amazon Prime Video – As a prime customer you will get unlimited streaming of tv and movies available on prime video. But, this is an upcoming service for which you have to stay tuned for the updates. You can subscribe to our updates or you can check amazon regularly. But, if you choose to become an amazon prime customer right now, you will get the benefits of this service as soon as it arrives.

NOTE: Prime Video is not available at the moment.


Moving forward, we will try to answer some of the questions which might be coming in your mind right now –

Question – Can you purchase any item from Amazon and it will be delivered under prime benefits?

Answer – No, you have to check the “Prime” badge to be sure that the item which you are buying falls under amazon prime. If you buy an item which does not have “Prime” badge on it. It will be like a normal purchase which you usually do from amazon.

Question – Does Amazon Prime members get exclusive access to some items?

Answer – Yes, you might get exclusive access to some of the newly launched items which are not available to normal customers. For example – If Samsung launches a brand new mobile in India through amazon, then you might get exclusive access to that mobile and you will be among the first few to get your hands on that product. Good for that show off among friends, hah… 😉

Question – What is the cost of Amazon Prime membership in India?

Answer – If you choose to become a member today, you will get the introductory price of 499 rupees a year which usually costs 999 rupees a year, which is 50% off on the price of membership. Plus, you will get 60 days of trial period to test and enjoy the benefits of amazon prime in India.

NOTE: The fee is non-refundable as per the terms and conditions of Amazon India. Please visit this link for more details – Prime India Terms

Now, you might be thinking that Amazon Prime should be opted by everyone in India. But, there are certain things which you should consider before becoming a prime member. In certain ways it is beneficial for certain buyers and also non beneficial for certain buyers.

If you are a loyal amazon customer and make frequent purchases on Amazon, then amazon prime is a great option for you because you will get back your invested money (prime membership cost) back to your pocket within few months with the advantage of FREE and FAST Delivery on each purchase.

But, on the other hand, if you are not a frequent buyer on amazon, you will not get much benefit of being a prime member. Because, the money which you pay for the prime membership will be wasted if you do not purchase frequently and take the advantage of free delivery. Another point to consider is that, if you rarely purchase online and the item that you purchase values more than 500 rupees then you will be getting a FREE delivery anyway. So, being a prime member does not make any sense for infrequent buyers.

Even after all this, we do recommend you to give “Amazon Prime” a spin for 60 days because hey, it is not going to cost you a rupee to try it for 60 days. Also, festive season is around the corner, we will be celebrating Dussehra and Diwali in October month itself. So, create your list of gift and festival items and take the trial membership which will get the products on your doorstep faster in those peak months.

Important Note – Do not forget to cancel the membership within 60 days if you are not willing to keep it further. If you miss that cancellation, then your debit or credit card might be deducted automatically. For more information, please visit this link – Prime Terms

Last, but not the least. We believe that Amazon Prime will be a huge success in India because time has proven that we Indians are becoming more and more impatient when it comes to ecommerce deliveries.

Drop your comments below and tell us what you think about Amazon Prime India membership and if you already opted for one, how was your experience?

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