8 Tech Resolutions You Must Make for New Year 2017

It’s that time of the year when we all start thinking about our New Year resolutions. You must be busy writing down your resolutions about getting up early in the morning, joining that nearest gym or making the most of your time in 2017. But, there is a big change happening in our country and we must consider making some tech resolutions to support and adapt to that change.

The recent demonetization has forced India to become digital at a faster pace than ever. The number of Internet users, online payments, and transactions went off the roof within a few days. So, it’s high time that you make some Tech Resolutions for 2017 to make sure that you stay ahead and up to date with payment security essentials, data safety, and few more improvements.

You need not be an expert or a geek to make these tech resolutions

1. Invest in an Antivirus

One of the biggest reasons of data theft around the world is using weak or outdated antivirus on your devices, which are usually free ones.

Top Antivirus products include anti-spyware, anti-phishing and payment protection as well, so you need not invest in various products. Just invest in one and you are good to go.

antivirus software

In India, you can protect your device from just 379 for a year. We recommend checking out ESET Smart Security Version 9, which is packed with safety features, and yet light on your PC and pocket.

2. Start Using Strong Passwords

For the sake of your account safety, we urge you to start using strong passwords right now. Avoid using common words and weak combinations like – 123456 (yes, some people still use this as a password).

If you think that using the registration number of your bike or car is safe, then think again, you show that password on the road every single day to a number of people.

strong password

To be on a safer side, use something as a password which only you know. Change your passwords often, once every 5-6 months would be fine. To remember them, avoid changing them completely, changing a word or a digit will do.

“Stop using your car/bike number as your password”

3. Shop from Reputed Websites Only

With a massive growth in e-commerce industry, new websites are launched every other day. Within these sites, there are some dark sites, which rob the innocent buyers by sending a fake product or no product at all.

secure shopping


Do these checks to find out if the website is fake

  • Prices are too good to be true.
  • Fake social profiles with no support or customer reviews.
  • The website is not using SSL – Check if the website address starts with https or with http only. Https ensures that the website is secure for purchase.
  • Wrong or fishy contact information – There must be a way to contact the website in case of any problem with your order. If there is no sufficient contact information, then you must avoid that website.

4. Identify Fake Posts & Stop Sharing Them

There is hardly a person in India who does not receive fake posts in his/her Facebook timeline or whatsapp messages every day. Posts that ask for likes to arrange money for treatment, good luck in exchange of a like, a whatsapp message with fake news of religious uncertainty, all are mostly fake.

Try to identify these types of messages or posts and avoid forwarding or sharing them with your contacts. Do not be a promoter of wrong information or a fake news. A viral post might end up into something worse.

fake posts

Recently, big companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft started working together to take down these type of fake posts and news. But, being aware in our day-to-day life is more important.

Tip: If you are not sure about a post or message, try to verify with a friend who might know something about that.

5. Stop Sharing Sensitive Information Insecurely

Till date, you might have shared your login or payment information with your girlfriend/boyfriend or a family member over social media or text messages. But, do not do this anymore because both social media and messaging apps are insecure to share sensitive information, even if you are sending it to a person you trust the most.

Because you never know if their connection is secure or not, their device is safe or not? In the worse case scenario, what if their device gets stolen; your data will be at risk along with their data.


To keep it secure, always share the sensitive information over a call and ask them to either write it down or delete the information after using it.

6. Recycle Your E-waste & Go Green

There is nothing better than combining our tech resolutions with an environment resolution. In 2016 only, Indian mobile subscriber base grew more than 1 Billion. More sales are resulting into more e-waste as well. Disposing of the old phones, tablets or even computer equipment in the open may cause damage to the environment and health risks for the people around you.

recycling e waste

Companies like Samsung provides recycling service free of cost, you can recycle any Samsung product through this service. But, there are no monetary benefits.

But, if you want to recycle your e-waste with monetary advantages, then check out Karma Recycling which gives cash in exchange to your used smartphones, tablets and even laptops in any condition. You can get instant quotes on their website.

Tip: Don’t forget to wipe the data from your device. Also, overwrite your device with any random data because formatting or wiping your device alone will not ensure data safety. Data can be recovered from a wiped or formatted device.

7. Start Using Pop-up Blocker

One of the technical support executive working with an authorized Apple reseller told us that out of every 100 devices coming for software repair at least 30 are infected with Malware and unknown software installs. And, the customers are completely clueless about those software installs.

Do you see popups on your device asking for a PC, Mac or Mobile scan? Or maybe, asking you to claim a prize, which you just won? If yes, then it is very much possible that your data is at high risk because once this malware enters into your system, it can steal your data, disable your internet connection, hijack your browser or even worse, crash your system and wipe all data.

adblock plus

Start using Popup Blocker as soon as possible. The one, which we trust and recommend, is Adblock plus, it’s a FREE plugin available for all windows and Mac browsers. For mobile devices, you can install Adblock Browser for Android and Adblock plus for iPhone & iPad from the App store.

8. Start Using Cloud Services & External Backup

Recently 52 million smartphone users switched to 4g Internet in India. Data consumption increased many folds, but still, we lack in data management across our devices. We freak out when our iPhone runs out of space because it has no option to expand memory. We live in the fear of data loss on our PC/laptop due to unwanted reasons or damages. But, we never care about putting our data on cloud or investing in an external hard drive.

Take a New Year resolution of backing up your data and start syncing across all devices. Google drive provides 15GB of space completely FREE of cost to every Gmail user. If you do not want to use Gmail, then “One Drive” from Microsoft is your best bet, which gives 5GB of space absolutely FREE.

backup on hard drive and cloud drive

To take backup of data, which is more than 15GB, invest in an external drive, which will save you from regretting in the future.

Below are the two best options that we can recommend on any given day. For peace of mind & complete reliability, you can choose Segate Backup Plus. For an equally good performance at a lower price, choose Toshiba Canvio Basics.

If you take and implement even a few of these tech resolutions in 2017, you will realize that it’s easy to keep your data safe and managed in this digital revolution of India.

Don’t forget to share your favorite tech resolutions with us in the comment section below.


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8 Tech Resolutions You Must Make for New Year 2017

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